Ethan Marcotte now blogs at Unstoppable Robot Ninja.


An Ethan Apart

One has been asked to speak at An Event Apart, Boston. One has not yet stopped doing victory laps around one’s apartment.


One is back from Dallas, where one spoke at a kickass web conference. One hopes that the conference survived the experience.

Surviving color management in Photoshop CS2

Well, not so much “surviving” as “bending it to my will.” Eh.


In which everything is illuminated. Or rather, not.

SXSW presentation online

Who loves slides? I know you do.

Three cheers for the patent office

The Patent Office grants patent on AJAX to a little California-based company. I love innovation.

Splash screen no more

Six months after starting my freelance work, I finally get around to redesigning my portfolio site. A savvy self-marketer, I am not.

Not-so-clear Bits

A double take.

Digital Web: An interview with Dan Cederholm

I just conducted an interview with Dan Cederholm for Digital Web Magazine, to tout his most recent book. Also, cake.

Reminder: Get NEWD tonight

Come one, come all. Boston-area web geeks, young and old. Or something.

Time to get NEWD: August 4th

Pants optional, DOCTYPEs mandatory. (And yes, it’s far too early for me to be funny.)

Coming Soon: Bulletproof Web Design

Dan Cederholm wrote a new book. I was the tech editor. That niggling little detail notwithstanding, it remains a very fine book.

Professional CSS: now with 100% more cover

As well as 100% more lumberjack.

Boston-area Web Geeks’ Meetup

28 April, 7.30pm. Don’t forget to wear pants. Please.

Speaking at MIT

Not looking forward to another teary-eyed evening watching Hee-Haw reruns over a package of Ho-Hos? Well, not that it’s an improvement, but I’m speaking at MIT tonight.

Coming soon: Professional CSS

I can finally blog about the upcoming book. One hell of an experience that I’m glad to finally announce.

New winter colors

A holiday wallpaper, just in time for next year’s holiday season. A first (and likely last) of its kind here on

IE5/Mac mattered

Macintosh IE5 users, it’s time. It’s been fun. Really.

Web Design World presentation online

I am the emperor of tardy. But hey, it’s finally posted.

Adobe-Wan Kenobi

Who loves ya, baby?

Boston geeks’ get-together, redux

If you’re in Boston this Thursday night at 7PM, meet up with Dan and I at the Cassava Lounge.

Is Mozilla putting the best site forward?

Mozilla’s new Update site seems a problematic replacement for its predecessor.

Boba in Boston

What follows is deeply rooted in my tradition of posting hours, if not days, after I’d initially intended to do so.

Reminder: Beantown geek-out

We meet tonight. 7.00PM at Cassava Lounge, 1076 Boylston Street in Boston.

Beantown geeks

Calling all Boston-area CSS junkies, web designers, and otherwise geek-esque individuals.

Several mornings after

My markup brings all the boys to the yard. Or something.


3d-licious, to say the least.

Slouching toward redesign

Coming soon.

Sexily styling horizontal rules

A CSS debug session with Monsieur Orchard. Now with new Gecko bugs!

The spirit of sharing

“That’s the way I believe the world should work. Pity that it doesn’t.”

Digging Designologue


Further roasting the chestnut

With sincerest apologies to the esteemed Jeremy Keith, but I needed a post title.

Thoughts on redesigning one’s website

Brought to you by the little bulleted list-making gnomes in my head.

Better living through standards

I still rather fancy myself a golden, fiery god. Or not.

The family that pixellates together…

16-by-16 siblings are the best kind of siblings.

The inimitable Zeldman

It’s not a proper week if you don’t quote The Zeldman at least once.

Recent Mozilla CSS bug

Recent Mozilla builds are choking on some of the new background-image replacement techniques. If you’re like me and can’t hack Mozilla to save your life, vote for bug #220266.

Mo’ mezzo, less blue.

Mad ups to Dave Shea for going all-CSS, all-structural XHTML over at Not-so-mad ups to me for saying "mad ups"., redux.

I’ve published a proof-of-concept version of the Harvard University homepage, using nothing but standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. Mo’ betta, mo’ standards.

Speak, and receive thy answer.

The Web Standards Project speaks out about the recent Internet Explorer headlines.

Such an impulse buyer

I’m such a bad man…

Putting the "U" in "usability"

Function follows form. Take that, Sullivan.

Coffee + Coder = Fun

Fixed background images are good. Video games are bad. Bitmap font graphics are bad. Sleeping on the keyboard is bad. Suddenly, one feels the need to crawl back into bed.