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Pretty pictures

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Please feel free to check out the pictures below, such as they are. For those of you interested, all of the below were taken with a Canon PowerShot G2.

And yes, I have no skill with the camera. Enjoy.

SXSWi, 2004

Summer camp for geeks. I had the chance to meet most of my web pantheon, as well as some great friends.

Oh, and there was beer.

20 pictures. Uploaded on 26 March 2004.
Bidding farewell to Brace Cove

Friday night found me stranded (happily so) in Gloucester, bidding farewell to a friend/local artist who's in the process of moving to Maine.

22 pictures. Uploaded on 24 August 2003.
The birthday weekend

Reid was kind enough to yet again host a slew of us at his family's farmhouse in Vermont; we also managed to celebrate my twenty-sixth birthday while we were up there.

31 pictures. Uploaded on 18 July 2003.
A weekend at Middlebury

Two friends of She were getting married this July, so we took the event as an excuse to head back to our alma mater. Much has changed, some has not.

22 pictures. Uploaded on 18 July 2003.
Reid's farm, in May

My friend Reid was gracious enough to host us at his family's farm in Barre, VT for a weekend in May.

8 pictures. Uploaded on 31 May 2003.
London, England

I went over to London from the end of March 2003 through the beginning of April, accompanied only by She and my digital camera.

50 pictures. Uploaded on 26 March 2003.