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Speaking at MIT

Not looking forward to another teary-eyed evening watching Hee-Haw reruns over a package of Ho-Hos? Well, not that it’s an improvement, but I’m speaking at MIT tonight.

Someone from the Macromedia Boston User Group contacted the Web Standards Project, asking for someone to stop by and speak to them about CSS-/XHTML-driven design—unfortunately for them, I’m the only one in the area.

Also, I’m terrified of public speaking. The poor fools.

So anyway: if you’re looking for an evening that’s less Hee-Haw-enabled, stop on by—details are listed on the Macromedia Boston User Group site. And at any rate, I’m told there will be beer afterwards. Actually, I might have told me that there was beer afterwards, but my point still stands—it’d be great to meet one of the three of you, and I can apologize for the stutter-filled presentation you sat through over a pint.


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