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Web Design World presentation online

The Marriage of Presentation and Structure, the presentation Molly and I gave at Web Design World, is online.

I swear, the more I look at this damn thing, the more it screams 1950’s horror movie poster:

  • FEAR! My drawn-in-10-minutes-stick-figure-fu!
  • SEE! The trendy semi-transparent rounded squares!
  • GASP! At my over-use of luxury type!

When it comes to web design, I am such a damned myna bird.

Anyway. This was my first time working with Eric Meyer’s sextastic S5; given the negative time I had to prepare for the presentation, it was damned easy to work with. Granted, I rather bludgeoned the hell out of the CSS; this is all by way of saying that any errors you might encounter in the presentation are the fault of the presenter, not the excellent technology that powers it.

Good times.


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