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Weblog entry:

Coffee + Coder = Fun Now with fixed background action. thanks to Saint Matthew for the idea, and thanks to all of you for putting up with the slightly increased download time. If any of you can recommend a less suck-enabled way to get the aforementioned background to look semi-saucy and render at less than 30k, I’d love to hear about it.

Sweet Christ. That’s a little too much Warcraft for my tastes.

Coming to the sad realization that I may have to give up my über-pretentious bitmap fonts in favor of making this site a bit more accessible — accessibility really just is the way to go from here on out. Read on The Great Z’s site that a certain airline’s website is under legal fire for being painfully non-compliant with the ADA. Got my reading cut out for me.

Must…strive…to stay…awake…sleeping at the wheel makes for some messy code.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

There’s a WordPress issue that’s currently preventing old comments from displaying correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully we’ll be back online soon.