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An Ethan Apart

I am pleased as punch to announce that I’ve been asked to speak at An Event Apart Boston, taking place on 26-27 March, 2007.

(Actually, “punch” is a bit of an understatement. “Pleased as a rabbit hopped up on sugar and mescaline” would probably be more apt, but I’m trying my damndest not to veer things into HST territory. Moving on.)

I’m thrilled that AEA is coming to Boston, as it’s one of those conferences I’ve admired from afar for some time. I’ve told a number of friends that I’d give an arm to speak alongside speakers like this…so if you see a lanky web designer behind the podium who’s missing an appendage, do say hi.

God, it’s early. The funny’s not here yet.

At any rate, AEA Boston should rock mightily, so I hope to see you there. There’ll be drinks afterwards at Clery’s, if Dan and I have our druthers.


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