sideblog Feeds from the sideblog of Ethan Marcotte. Yay. en-us Give up control A-frickin'-men. Official site for Paul Ford's "Gary Benchley, Rock Star" What it says. Buy it now. Gary Benchley, Rock Star Paul Ford writes a book. I want this book to an extent that is probably a.) unhealthy and/or b.) a bit scary. Love it. Where's my credit card? Blue Flavor Keith Robinson, Matt May, Nick Finck, and Brian Fling open a design shop. Best of luck, you pimps, you. MoveOn's "Rebuild the Gulf" campaign Word. Bacon Air Freshener Would somebody please stop reality? Thanks. Signed. XHTML Character Entity Reference Hot. Via...well, everybody. I suck. Global Find/Replace keyboard shortcuts in BBEdit Finally! Via Eric.