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The inimitable Zeldman
What are the biggest influences in developing your style? Do you have any idols?
Jeffrey Zeldman:
I learn something from everything I see and hear, from the color of the night sky to the way a well-written short story wastes no words on unnecessary description (which is good for designers – avoid unnecessary ornament – and also good for web writing)….In this society, we are bombarded by other people’s creativity from the moment we wake up. Radio, billboards, the way this year’s cars are designed, the way the street grid works in your city: it’s all grist for the mill. How can your brain not be continually churning and coming up with ideas? How can you ever feel creatively stuck?
LOUNGE72’s interview with Jeffrey Zeldman

I just wanted to log that I thought this was one of the most eloquent, moving depiction of what we do — or maybe what we should do — in this little “web” experiment of ours.


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