sideblog Feeds from the sideblog of Ethan Marcotte. Yay. en-us Ethan Marcotte, Give up control A-frickin'-men. 2005-10-06T12:44:07-05:00 Official site for Paul Ford's "Gary Benchley, Rock Star" What it says. Buy it now. 2005-10-04T14:04:23-05:00 Gary Benchley, Rock Star Paul Ford writes a book. I want this book to an extent that is probably a.) unhealthy and/or b.) a bit scary. 2005-10-04T14:03:28-05:00 Love it. Where's my credit card? 2005-09-30T13:13:55-05:00 Blue Flavor Keith Robinson, Matt May, Nick Finck, and Brian Fling open a design shop. Best of luck, you pimps, you. 2005-09-27T17:51:21-05:00 MoveOn's "Rebuild the Gulf" campaign Word. 2005-09-27T08:00:19-05:00 Bacon Air Freshener Would somebody please stop reality? Thanks. 2005-09-23T09:44:45-05:00 Signed. 2005-09-22T10:01:21-05:00 XHTML Character Entity Reference Hot. Via...well, everybody. I suck. 2005-09-22T10:00:55-05:00 Global Find/Replace keyboard shortcuts in BBEdit Finally! Via Eric. 2005-09-22T09:36:09-05:00