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Digging Designologue

One of my latest online addictions time-killing methods has been Shaun Inman’s hard-rockin’ Designologue. A site dedicated exclusively to a more leisurely form of Photoshop tennis, designers will enter into…well, a design dialogue. The artists lobby designs back and forth over the course of a few days, weeks, or months, riffing and building upon what’s come before.

And the tricky bit is that the result is, for the most part, damned impressive stuff; here are some current faves from the threads I’ve been watching:

It’s at once exciting and humbling to see people produce this caliber of work in their spare time, and in such an open forum. I don’t feel that good design’s something that comes easily to me, and submitting any piece of work for review is difficult. So to see these folks splash about in the Photoshop pool with nary a care in the world…well, what can I say? It definitely inspires a body to pick up the Wacom pen, that’s for sure.


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