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On my way down to Dallas for the first ever Webmaster Jam Session, I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous: CoffeeCup Software invited me to speak at their first web conference, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean, it was their first major event, right? I mean, they’d put me on the roster…that can’t bode well for any fledgling web conference.

Well, the three of you should well know I can be a damn fool at times. My presence notwithstanding it was, as the man once said, a hell of a thing.

The Jam Session was damned special, to say the least: the conference was attended by droves of stellar people, making it a nice change from staring at blank Photoshop canvases back in Cambridge. And it was excellent to see so many excellent peeps on the speakers’ roster—as with SxSW, the biggest drawback was that there just wasn’t enough time to hang with everyone. Lunch with Derek and Scott was a highlight, as was finally meeting Bryan and Garret. Nick and Andy were in attendance as well, and good conversations were had.

And because I know you’re sitting there on tenterhooks, I think my two stutter-fests presentations went pretty well. Though if they did, it was largely due to the people I shared the stage with: working with Derek and James was a rare pleasure, and I hope it’s not the last time.

At the end of it all, the best part of the Jam Session was easily the hospitality: J and Nick at CoffeeCup did an incredible job. Frankly, it was hard to tell that it was their first conference. The schedule was well organized, the logistics seemed to go off smoothly, and they were ridiculously gracious hosts to their speakers. For someone who fears flying and public speaking in equal measures, the CoffeeCup team made this white boy feel right at home. Thanks very much.

Anyway. It’s late, and I think I’m starting to spew schmaltz all over this blog entry. Let me just close by saying that, yes, Eric Meyer did manage to “pimp his own kool-aid” during his keynote. I think I need to start collecting royalties.

But first, sleep. A good day to you.


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