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We hove our ship to, deep soundings to take

Cue “FIN” title card. Cue wrap party. Cue next-morning hangover.

Soup’s on

Vertua and Airbag, clichéing in a tree…

Says you, says I.

I was asked to do a “Celebrity Say-So” by the estimable Nate Steiner. You are thrilled; I can tell.


What they will be again, and then more so.

Professional CSS: Interview at Digital Web

Digital Web recently interviewed me about my involvement with our book, Professional CSS. I mention bunnies.

Professional CSS: now with 100% more cover

As well as 100% more lumberjack.

Coming soon: Professional CSS

I can finally blog about the upcoming book. One hell of an experience that I’m glad to finally announce.

It begins

Good lord, I shouldn’t be blogging after four hours’ sleep.

Everything but what I listen to

You look at each other before sitting down, smiling.

Hopefully moving forward

For what it’s worth, this is the next version of sidesh0w.

Sweet, sweet NYC

Isn’t alliteration grand?

Slouching toward redesign

Coming soon.

SXSW photos

In my typically semi-punctual fashion.

Pinterian tech support

Enough subtext to gag a hippo.

Happy New Year…

…one and all.

Point of order

If things look a mite odd, kindly reload my stylesheet. If they don’t, well, aren’t you the bright one?

Happy Labor Day

I fully expect to still be stuck in traffic come Sunday morning.

A sideblog for sidesh0w

It took me a whole minute to come up with that title. I swear.

Brand new look (again)

I’d like to think that at some point in my life, I’ll stop messing around with this site’s design.

Audi 5000.

Going on vacation for a week or so…back online soon.


Blogroll’s back on the homepage. Not much else going on (yet).

Slight reorganization.

The site structure and layout has been tweaked ever so slightly. Step lively, folks.


Just posted some new (and long-delayed) photo albums; take a look, (hopefully) enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Gettin’ all grassroots with it.

Feel like donating to the Democratic party, and want a say in the agenda? Well, now you can.

Back in a few.

Signing off for a few days, as I’m heading up to my friend Reid’s farm in Barre, VT for a long weekend, and to celebrate the birthday.

In the works

Upgrades currently in progress, so posting might be light today. Also, there’s an excellent article on Googlebot lovin’. Sweet, sweet Googlebot…

He’s been a busy boy.

We here at would like to tell you that we’ve been hard at work on the site today, building new sections, publishing new information, and wiping the sweat off our brow as we get you the content you so richly deserve. So we will.

Blogrollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

The blogroll, she is up. Huzzah.


CSS updates make for happy readers. Ethan is happy that you are happy. Ethan loves you.

Apache rules the school. Wish I did, too.

The site is updated, yet tweaks remain. Complaints about Apache’s mod_rewrite, but nothing too well-informed (or informative). A brief run-down of personal OSCOM highlights.

Crawling on back.

A redesign is announced, as is a vacation. We’re excited about both. You should be, too.