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Professional CSS: Interview at Digital Web

The train of self-promotion just keeps going ’round and ’round at sidesh0w.

Signalling what can only be interpreted as a lack of quality content during these summer doldrums, Digital Web committed a serious lack of judgment by interviewing yours truly for its otherwise excellent publication. I don’t much enjoy the sound of my own voice, but Carolyn Wood was an excellent interviewer that made the process downright pleasant. Also, a round of damned sincere thanks go to Nick Finck and Krista Stevens for all the support they’re giving Professional CSS—they are, as the three of you are likely aware, rock stars of near-Dokken proportions.

Words appearing in the course of my interview:

  • Telamonian
  • bunny
  • pigeonhole
  • sore-nippled

That last one is definitely not me.

A good day to you.


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