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It begins

I’m reminded of how much I hate flying—“hate” being perhaps the most inadequate word possible. I think of “me” and “flying” in some sort of Shaw Brothers-esque classic martial arts face-off, most likely screaming poorly lip-synced epithets at each other while striking impressive-looking kung fu poses atop a cliff somewhere.

Good lord, I shouldn’t be blogging after four hours’ sleep.

However, the one fine thing about flying is the end result: the destination, the point B. The past 24 hours have been outright stellar, as SXSW is about to get underway. Yet even though the conference doesn’t properly start until tomorrow, there’ve been an incredible number of folks about. Finally had the pleasure of meeting (and drinking with) Andy Budd, Richard Rutter, and Jeremy Keith—but after all the jokes about American beer, I was halfway to calling them all “Bruce” by the end of the night.

See “shouldn’t be blogging after four hours’ sleep”, above.

So with such a fine start to the week, I’m obviously looking forward to the rest. I’ve started a SXSW photo album on Flickr, to which I’ll be posting over the rest of the week. I hope to meet many more folks over the course of the week; if any of the three of you happen to recognize my ugly mug, please do come over and say hi.

By the way: I’ve decided that this week marks the Year Of OurTunes. Tell your friends, and turn on that music sharing.


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