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Weblog entry:

In the works

Posting might be semi-sporadic today. Working on another upgrade of the site — no worries, though. This one should be entirely behind-the-scenes, unlike previous redesign efforts, which were largely fueled by too little sleep and/or caffeine.

Side note (and a place for me to log this link) for the upcoming code changes: has an excellent article on optimizing your site for Googlebot. Most of the front-end requirements are addressed on sidesh0w (text-only links: check; avoiding frames like the seat next to the drooling kid on the schoolbus: check), but I could be smarter about my meta tag usage.

Another side note: my socks don’t match today. Hmm.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

There’s a WordPress issue that’s currently preventing old comments from displaying correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully we’ll be back online soon.