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Apache rules the school. Wish I did, too.

It’s up, it’s buggy, it’s semi-functional. Welcome to the latest UI upgrade for

As you browse through, you may find all sortsa weirdness; blame my utter lack of experience with mod_rewrite for that one. I’ve changed the URL structure for the weblog, removing all those nasty query strings for reasons that are partly aesthetic, but mostly downright greedy (O hear me, Gods of Google…).

Attended day two of the OSCOM conference today — mostly interesting stuff. Among the highlights of the conference so far (in no particular order):

  • Watching Dave Winer calling various audience members asshole during his keynote.
  • Meeting The Redhead herself, Wendy Koslow. She seemed highly cool/funny, but as it was my first time meeting a blogger in meatspace, it felt a bit odd: Hi, been reading your personal diary online for a few months now. Shame about this weather, huh?
  • Jo Walsh is officially the coolest human being on the planet. Her work with a semantic mapping MUD of London has easily been the most impressive thing I’ve seen at this conference so far (other than the Dave Winer asshole thing…which, honestly, was awe-inspiring).

Maybe next year there’ll be mud wrestling. One can only hope.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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