Ethan Marcotte now blogs at Unstoppable Robot Ninja.


Keeping multiple Macs in sync

It’s kinda like pimping, though you rarely have to use the phrase “upside your head.”

Linkylove, OSX edition

Spent part of the sick day scrounging up Mac OSX links. I can tell you’re thrilled.

Dude? Okie. Lag.

Take a lightsaber, win a melon. Okie?

To the Zeldmans.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zeldman on this, the day of their wedding.

Before I forget…

Winning the "what the hell?!" award of the day.

Some good news.

The Supreme Court tosses out Texas’ anti-sodomy law. Damn…finally, some good news coming out of the Supreme Court this week.

The rhinocerous needs love, too.

A rhinocerous. A wizard. A cybersex chat transcript. Sounds like the next big movie by Robert Altman.

Want some iced tea?

That’s it. The Japanese culture is FUCKED.

I’m not a blogger. I just play one on TV.

If there was an afterschool special involving all of the "A-list" bloggers, who’d play ‘em? Glad you asked.

Fear the Plush Cthulhu.

A gripping installment, in which the author posts links to Cthulhu-fearing plush toys, and complains of fatigue. The author also wonders if "gripping" is the appropriate term.


Communion in relationships? Not without wonderful compromise, methinks…

Alleviate me, baby

Quote by Harold Bloom on how reading alleviates loneliness. Yes, sometimes I actually post my own work here.

Linkathon 2k3.

A collection of links of little interest to most. OSCOM is on the horizon, hence the rather low-impact post.

Weekend update.

Zelda. Zeldman. Two of my favorite things in one day. Thankfully, frightening Japanese pictures managed to ruin the day a bit.

I hate post titles. And they hate me.

Salam Pax is back online, Mark Pilgrim almost goes offline, my reputation in Zelda is on the line. All this and more, now in lovely XMLicious pages.

No posts a day makes Jack a dull boy.

The eight tasks laid out before us are still staring us in the face. So naturally, another blog post.

Weep for humanity.

Zeldman asks Dave Winer to consider standards-compliant markup. Dave Winer asks Zeldman to consider a long walk off a short pier.

It’s a week for eye candy.

Updates on the forthcoming GameCube, and on the site updates currently in the works. The Matrix rocks my pants (to speak in the parlance of our times).

Ethan’s back. Back again.

Back from London, and missing it already.

I put thought into this. Really. slides into irrelevance. Regexes finally make some small amount of sense. The USA, however, continues to make less sense on an almost daily basis.

Dench’d *own* Walken’s ass any day.

Fireland is a very funny site. Sidesh0w wishes it was half as funny as Fireland.

All a-freakin’ out.

In which the author prepares for a trip which (until recently) he’d been so very excited for. Now, he’s not sure what to think.

Life gets so weird, art doesn’t want to imitate it.

In which the author discovers that multi-threading does not work well in the human world.

Why the web is good.

In which the author bites his thumb at the W3C.

Things are afoot.

There’s a new style switcher in town. The author finds that he’s missing a certain something, and would love to know how to get it back.

In a perpetual state of tweak.

What we’ve read, what we’ve installed, what we’ve been working on.

Elsewhere redesigns, and is all sorts of standards-compliant. Microsoft gaffes, and yours truly snaffs.

Coffee + Coder = Fun

Fixed background images are good. Video games are bad. Bitmap font graphics are bad. Sleeping on the keyboard is bad. Suddenly, one feels the need to crawl back into bed.

Sleep is for the weak.

Yours truly discovers jwz on the web. Yours truly discovers that he might be in the wrong line of work.

Today, the weblog…

In an especially frenetic post, we discuss browser display bugs, XML, Mozilla, snowfall patterns in Cambridge, and site updates. You try to keep up.

Let’s try this again…

The site, she has been redesigned. The links, they are a-flowing yet again.