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Weep for humanity.

Somebody please explain to me what barstool racing is, and why these men won’t stop?!

The redesign continues unabatedly (for what that’s worth). Pretty pleased with the new layout; it’s not über-sexy, but it’ll be much easier to scale. Looking forward to pushing it up, and getting feedback.

I kinda feel like Mouse: Morpheus is fighting Neo! Anyway, Zeldman lays into Dave Winer for some remarks that are a bit incomprehensible, more than a little short-sighted, and — at times — sound a bit pompous. (I think of designers as people who make me look good, not as political advisors? Wow.) Here’s hoping the slugfest leads to an interesting debate and (ideally) a few concessions on Mr. Winer’s part regarding his anti-standards position — especially when considering just how complementary standards-based markup would be to online publication and syndication, two of his primary research interests. As Zeldman rightly mentions, Mr. Winer’s contributions to the Internet can’t be over-emphasized…but this anti-CSS stuff smacks of a lack of familiarity leading to bias.

Currently working on building my first version of Firebird (née Phoenix). The workstation I’m compiling on is making more noise than an outboard motor chewing ball bearings, but hey — technology’s grand.

Update: Well, that could’ve gone better. Later for this gmake crap. I’ll find an Xft-enabled binary somewhere. Bah.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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