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Weblog entry:

Life gets so weird, art doesn’t want to imitate it.

Last night was a touch surreal. Around 11.00pm, I found myself simultaneously:

  • chatting with Chris via Trillian,
  • watching the strangely interesting (yet damn, damn weird) Kolchak: The Night Stalker,
  • working on client mockups in Photoshop,
  • tweaking this site’s core.css,
  • searching for tips on:
    • building Phoenix with Xft support,
    • mounting Windows 2000 disk partitions into Red Hat
  • and, of course, eating some choice pizza.

At one point, I’m sure my brain just blue-screened.

Technical question for the three of you. When using Opera 7.0, you might notice that the background images throughout this site (to the top and left of this text) occasionally misalign; refreshing any given page a few times, will correct the issue. For some reason, that browser occasionally disregards the rules outlined in the Owen hack I’m using in my CSS (i.e., head:first-child+body #wrap-main), and instead applies the html>body #wrap-main selector. Refreshing the page a few times will slap some sense back into the browser, but caching the CSS doesn’t seem to help — that is to say, sometimes you get the bug, and sometimes you don’t.

So my question here is, what the hell is going on? ([ed.] — I realize the CSS has gotten highly snaffed…probably should just revisit those selectors, get my streamline on.)

Currently in rotation: Sneaker Pimps, Frou Frou, and Amon Tobin. That, plus coffee, plus beautiful blue skies today in Cambridge, makes this a good day.

In case you were wondering.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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