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Weblog entry:

Dench’d *own* Walken’s ass any day.

EW: Ed Harris is pretty sinewy.

JA: You know it. And Walken is friends with Richard Dawson, who’d just as soon nutpunch you as say hello. But Newman controls the condiment industry. He could have you killed just by pulling some big lever in his office. No one’s going to touch that. Paul Newman for the big win.

Josh’s Creepily Prescient Oscar Picks

I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard. I just happily dropped Fireland into my bookmarks, so that I’ve something to point at when the neighbors come complaining about this giggle-fit.

I refuse to be held accountable if you spend hours playing this damn game. I will, however, feel much better about myself if you do so.

The info@blah evening proved an interesting one. Incredible exhibits, purple-haired women with unsanded smiles and quiet eyes, beer (of the free variety), conversations with a toothless old man about the cost of digital cameras, and quietly watching a passionate discussion between five strangers on a subway train about the injustices of war.

All things told, things seem to be getting better.


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