Ethan Marcotte now blogs at Unstoppable Robot Ninja.


Joe Clark should be patronized

You know you want to.


In which everything is illuminated. Or rather, not.

While My Dadaism Gently Weeps

Apologies in advance to the WCAG and, well, anyone trying to read this.

Proper tabindex in OSX Firefox

Because of this, I now consider Kevin Gerich to be cooler than Klondike Bars.

Is Mozilla putting the best site forward?

Mozilla’s new Update site seems a problematic replacement for its predecessor.

Home, happy

No place like it.

Application Dependency

Insert obvious jokes about "dependency issues" here. it’s not about looking ahead. only allows access to one browser, and on one platform: are you up to their standards?

Speak, and receive thy answer.

The Web Standards Project speaks out about the recent Internet Explorer headlines.

Putting the "U" in "usability"

Function follows form. Take that, Sullivan.