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Joe Clark should be patronized
A List of Things I Spent Money on Today, Only One of Which Was Remotely Worthwhile:
  • Three (3) sheets of paper, faxed.
  • One (1) rental car, silver.
  • One (1) coffee-esque beverage, over-sized and over-priced. Purchased at coffeeshop whose patrons apparently enjoy dangerously high per capita of Lexuses and polar fleece vests.
  • Two (2) compact discs, trendy.
  • One (1) sponsorship of Joe Clark’s micropatronage drive. Said drive will fund new accessibility project. Said project sounds highly kickass.

Now you three play along at home. Which was worth my hard-earned monies? Which is the one purchase over which I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight?

The air is positively thick with suspense. Thick, I tell you.

Learn more about the Joe Clark Micropatronage Project


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