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Home, happy

After a cancelled flight and snow-skidding landing, I’m finally back in Boston. The first day back in the office is an odd one; now that I’ve finished up with the rites and rituals of coming home (unpacking, laundry, sleep), all that’s left is a day in the office with far too much e-mail. And naturally, all of the excellent SXSW postmortems: those written by Dan, Anders, Ian, Eric, and Keith are especially worth poring over. And if you’re looking for photos, I’m still sans Photoshop on the PowerBook due to my…ahem, hardware issues; check out Matt and Dan’s respective galleries if you’re looking for some excellent pictures.

And I, like Keith, now consider myself a member of the "Jeff Veen Rocks So Hard He Kicks Jesus’ Ass" fan club. He gave an excellent presentation on user experience, and hopefully it’ll be available is on Adaptive Path in the near future Jeff just posted it. But in the interim, I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference — I’ll just have to start a-saving now.


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