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Rules of Engagement, part 8

What tops the newly drafted list of "Things Never To Do Again In My Young Adult Life"? Glad you asked: attending a Crystal Method concert on a Tuesday night in Boston.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: the music was fine. Loud, bass-filled, and repetive — all the booty-shaking techno a growing white boy needs. The cross-section of humanity that rolls out for a mid-week night on the town, however…well, let’s review.

First and foremost, the gender ratios were seriously broken. Not that two-women-to-every-nine-guys really affects me, mind you…there’s just something a little bit sad about that much testosterone gathered together in one room. A little too much eau de alpha male, and not enough people to care. And in the midst of this odd male mix, we’ve a whole slew of culture collisions: the folks that look like they fell off the Phish tour bus, the guys that have watched far too much 8 Mile and all bought the same tattered gray hoodie, the rave kiddies that’ve been eating their own glowsticks for the past six days, and of course the men that sleep at Express and marinate in Armani cologne.

Oh, and a handy tip for the short guy in front of me who’s on far too much ecstasy and reenacting the iPod TV commercials: if I lose an eye while you’re flailing about in a palsied boogaloo, I sue.

And of course, there’s the skinny web developer in the back wearing a Spiderman t-shirt, sporting a Garfunkel-esque ‘fro, and geek-nodding to the rhythm. Totally beyond reproach.


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