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We are the hollow men

Tags: “not bang", whimper.

Blackletter tatts do not an auteur make.

Do not greenlight, do not pass go.

The Rules of Engagement, part 10

Special March snobbery edition.


Bitch, bitch, bitch. All this and more at this infrequently updated web-thing we call

Surviving color management in Photoshop CS2

Well, not so much “surviving” as “bending it to my will.” Eh.

Three cheers for the patent office

The Patent Office grants patent on AJAX to a little California-based company. I love innovation.

To the people in the mall who are compelled to suddenly stop walking and stare at some random point in space, and are thereby standing directly between me and a gift that I should have purchased six weeks ago

An open letter.

Adobe-Wan Kenobi

Who loves ya, baby?


Greenland’s in the running, with England and Japan a close second.

I heart lightweight markup

Score a rather dubious point for web standards and SEO lovin’.

Rules of Engagement, part 9

Attention, GehennaMart shoppers.

On molars

Strictly speaking, my mouf ib fubbed ub

Pointing and laughing

Or trying to.


Stupid old college try.

Let’s be reasonable

An alternative.

Rules of Engagement, part 8

Repetive, bass-thumpy beats do not a happy man make. Or something.

Blowing off steam

Validate this.

Stoppard’s tech support

Unstirring the custard.

Pinterian tech support

Enough subtext to gag a hippo.

Gotta get my Luddite on

I am a karmic sinkhole. I’m convinced of it.

The spirit of sharing

“That’s the way I believe the world should work. Pity that it doesn’t.”

Rules of Engagement, part 7

The gauntlet’s not only been thrown down, it’s been tossed into a pit of rabid jackals.


Unnecessary and unnerving.

From the oops department

Stay far away from me, folks. I’m contagious, and will likely end up giving you The Stupid.

Sympathy pain

Let’s fogey it up, people.

A day in.

These things, today.

The PowerBook shows its spots

After two shipping delays and a mis-delivered package, I was pretty damn upset to see some odd-looking spots on the display of my new PowerBook.

Note to self

Three things every good presentation on web standards should include.

My eyes, they bleed.

Once I’ve stopped shuddering in the fetal position on the floor of my office, I’ll try to blog about something else.


Suing a 12 year-old honor student who lives in the NYC projects for downloading music? Oh, this does not a happy sidesh0w make.

Rules of Engagement, part 6.

I don’t know about you, but candidates that empower me to hike up my socks, gamble for a horse for two dollars, throw it on a table, and start beating the shit out of it with a towel are ceaselessly inspiring. Don’t you think?

I love Vacationland!

Maybe next time, they’ll have the construction workers dress up like cops. ‘Cause that would make about the same amount of sense.

A molded what?!

I almost spewed coffee onto the keyboard. Well, okay, not really…but you get the idea.

And of course, hubris++

Unsubscribed. I got better uses for my time.

Rules of Engagement, part 5.

Buzz less.

Who needs faith in humanity, anyway?

The American government is officially and utterly nuts.

We have the technology.

Silent car alarms. You know you need ‘em. You know you want ‘em. Let’s make it happen.

Don’t wanna be a thought leader.

Not that it’s even remotely in danger of happening.

The Rules of Engagement, part 4.

Words that coworkers should not use around yours truly (in no particular order).

I should be banned from the Web.

Thought you’d like to know that I’m already in rare form this morning.

The Rules of Engagement, part 3.

Babies. At meetings. Feh.

They hit me back first.

Dave Winer mad. Dave Winer smash.

The Rules of Engagement, part 2.

Button-down Nazis make for excellent umbrella stands.

The Rules of Engagement.

Some people just shouldn’t have access to e-mail. Or digital cameras. Or both. Blah.

Get some sleep, tiger.

A day without Matthew Arnold is like a world without peace — oh, wait.

Coolest. Gift. Ever.

In case you were wondering (and I know you were), I’ve the best girlfriend ever.