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The PowerBook shows its spots

Apple did not make anyone available to discuss the problem, but it did release a statement Thursday:

"The new 15-inch PowerBook has been a big hit with customers since its introduction last month. However, some customers are reporting the appearance of faint, white spots on their displays after using the system for a short period of time, and Apple is investigating these reports right now. Any customers experiencing this problem should contact AppleCare."

Mercury News, PowerBook’s white spots have owners seeing red

After two shipping delays and a mis-delivered package, I was pretty damn upset to see some odd-looking spots on the display of my new PowerBook. Turns out it’s a fairly wide-spread issue, with a few hundred posts on the topic over at Apple’s discussion forums, and an online petition taking Steve Jobs to task for letting this issue out into the wild.

Throughout it all, a straight line from Apple seemed to be the one thing missing. So while the article above goes a bit of the way toward corporate acknowledgement, I’d still like some assurance that when if I get my computer back next week, the issue won’t recur. Here’s hoping.

Update: Apple has finally acknowledged the problem, although no cause is given.

Also, it’s worth noting that since getting my machine back from AppleCare, the spots haven’t reappeared. Here’s hoping this bug’s been squashed.


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