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I love Vacationland!

My least favorite ride, however, has got to be the Traffic Jam™. My favoritest part of the whole drive back to Boston? Well, I got to see this brilliant plot in action:

  1. Cops dress up like construction workers.
  2. Cops mount two-foot long radar gun on a tripod, and pretend that it’s surveying equipment.
  3. Cops-cum-construction workers create initiate a work zone speed limit of 35MPH, which promptly creates a two-mile backup in Labor Day weekend traffic, as thousands of motorists are forced to decelerate to the new speed in less than a quarter of a mile.
  4. Cops line five state trooper cars about thirty yards down from the surveying equipment pulling over cars exceeding the aformentioned 35MPH speed limit, thereby exacerbating the traffic jam (cf. step #3, above).

Only in New England, I swear.

Gomer-esque police tactics aside, the weekend was extraordinary. The weather was beautiful, and the lobster was as excellent as it’s reputed to be. More tomorrow — it’s great to be back online.


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