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We have the technology.

Screw RSS. Later for (n)Echo/Pie/YourMom/Atom. I can build Firebird on Windows? Whatever.

We’re wasting precious hours, people. Here’s where the freaking brain trust needs to be spending its time: silent car alarms.

I’m done with this nonsensical honking crap, triggered because some squirrel passed gas a little too close to Muffy’s SUV. Before I borrow a bazooka from Kilgore Trout, let’s take a lesson from cellphones: why not have vibrating car alarms? Have the entire car shake violently as the perp cruises down the street, causing shame and possibly whiplash as he vibrates his way through Harvard Square in your oversized boat of a car. This strikes me as a much more amenable alternative to having your damn elephant-trunk horn blaring through my office window for twenty straight minutes while you fish for keys in your overloaded purse with one hand while balancing your triple venti half-caff/skim no-foam latte in the other.

On second thought, just hand me the damn rocket launcher.

Update: I just threw up on my keyboard. Carry on.


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