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Weblog entry:

Don’t wanna be a thought leader.

Not that it’s even remotely in danger of happening, but I don’t want to be a thought leader.

I don’t want to be your A-list blogger, bookmarked by millions and adored by dozens. I don’t want to draw that line in the sand, that little border around my own little intellectual fiefdom. I don’t want to stand on my soapbox, tell you all what makes this weblog a weblog — or worse, what makes your weblog a weblog. I don’t want to make this weblog more about the technologies that power it than the words within it. I don’t want to contribute to anybody’s signal-to-noise ratio (except my own, of course).

I want to have fun with this. I want to write in a vacuum, as though my referrer logs and Technorati don’t exist. I want to meet cool people that aren’t (always) painfully bored by what I have to say. I want to add new names to my blogroll, add more sites to my daily stops — to learn, to challenge, to discuss.

You see, we write between the me, me, me and the you, you, you. I feel that the best sites happen in the between, and nowhere else.

That’s where I want to be; bear with me, for I’m still learning how to get there.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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