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They hit me back first.

Quote of the weekend: Nothing says ‘fuck off’ like an energy cannon. Thank Reid Strong for that little gem, uttered while watching yours truly play Metroid Prime.

Seems that Dave Winer’s not going to stand for those nasty Standards Compliant Content System[s] — basically a thinly veiled invective against TypePad and its emphasis on authoring standards-compliant weblogs. As much good as he might be doing to increase the visibility of weblogs in academia, it’s really sad that the Berkman Center couldn’t have found someone…I don’t know, a little more open to dialogue. Despite the guy’s many talents, productive and thoughtful debate isn’t one of them.

I mean, yikes:

BTW, without a doubt the users of this product will flame me hard. That’s another thing I don’t like about this company. They haven’t asked their users to back off using flames as a way of forcing their views on others. One of things I’m most proud of about UserLand’s customers is that they generally listen to other points of views without trying to silence them.

Dave Winer, Standards Compliance

At the very least, I guess Anil, Ben, and Mena just got their Winer numbers lowered.

Update: And he’s gone and edited the piece. Toned down the invective — it’s a much more respectful post, and sounds like its definitely attempting to initiate a much more fruitful discussion with SixApart. On the other hand…well, guess I’m not really sure what the point is.

  1. SixApart’s TypePad supports standards published by the W3C.
  2. SixApart’s MovableType doesn’t support RSS as spec’d by Dave Winer.
  3. Ergo, SixApart doesn’t support standards…?

Dunno. Can’t figure it out — better get some coffee before puzzling this one through.


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