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Weblog entry:

Coolest. Gift. Ever.

I officially received the coolest present one could hope for — a Samurai Jack action figure. Specifically, the one in the pimpin’ black & red robes. This thing puts the fully back in fully articulated, and is currently facing off against the combined forces of Sideshow Bob, Groundskeeper Willie and Aku on top of my monitor. I’ve officially got the coolest girlfriend in the universe.

My one complaint? That Cartoon Network’s design department could have spent a few more minutes working with Jack’s center of gravity. Here’s a character that’s pirouetted through space on a jetpack, learned to jump good through 200-foot trees, and generally kicks more acrobatic ass than Kerry Strug. His action figure, however, is apparently having great difficulty negotiating the three degree incline at the top of my monitor. That minor complaint aside, this toy still liberally kicks butt.

And I’m sure after the above geekboy rant, all three of my readers just ran over to Wil Wheaton’s website.


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