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Blackletter tatts do not an auteur make.

Do not greenlight, do not pass go.

Coming Soon: Bulletproof Web Design

Dan Cederholm wrote a new book. I was the tech editor. That niggling little detail notwithstanding, it remains a very fine book.

A musical baton

Yes, friends: they call it a meme.

Exactly one thousand words

“You are looking not only at the image of a war crime, but at the worst fears of a war criminal; the reason that those accused will cooperate, but not implicate.”


Staring at the BBEdit Buick, and wondering what kind of flies one could swat with it.


Since this desk job I have isn’t exactly Jenny Craig, I am so buying running shoes tomorrow.

Butchering Candy

The goal for this post was to include an image of Ben Folds in tears. Mission accomplished.

8-bit nostalgia

Now, if I could only remember the 30-lives trick for Contra. Up, up, down, down…

OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner

If this isn’t the killer information architecture workflow, I don’t know what is.

Millennium Actress

Seems I’m late to almost every party.

The Triplets of Belleville

If you’re looking for a fine, captivating film that feels more than worth the too-hefty price of a movie ticket, The Triplets of Belleville is a solid investment.

Doctor Who, redux

Screw my Amazon wishlist: I now want a Tardis for Christmas.

An ode to a bag

I am such a craven, materialistic son of a bitch.

Mike Doughty is in the room

A Mike Doughty concert is the perfect end to any weekend.


See Agent Smith. See Agent Smith on a screen roughly one hundred feet tall. See Ethan become ecstatic.

World enough, and time

I’ll say this once to the three of you: I realize it’s the end of the month, but run to your local newstand now and try to procure a copy of the October 2003 Harper’s.

What’s great about these PowerBooks, anyway?

I heart my new laptop. I heart it so much.


Perfect way to spend a Friday night.


Seems like the perfect anti-RIAA business model for both consumers and artists.

Matchstick Men

Coulda been a contender, ended up being…well, not.

In search of Guy (and his Dog)

I’m looking for Guy’s Dog, a claymation film I saw two years ago, and could use your help. Can you tell I’ve still got writer’s block?

One Office to rule ‘em all.

I know that I’ll be glad to be rid of that pesky “free will” thing.

Buy this book. Read thoroughly. Repeat.

Garret Keizer? Yeah, heard of him…he’s a *genius*. So nyah.