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As we touched down in Boston, there was a single drop of condensation running down the airplane window. Felt rather appropriate.

I’m back from South by Southwest 2007, which was just as hard to leave as it was last year, and for many of the same reasons. The people were, as always, the highlight…but with nearly double the attendees as last year, it was nigh impossible to see all my friends. But still, truckloads of fun were had: sitting next to three people I admire very much on our Writing, Better panel; hitting the three margarita limit with Paul, Dan, and Ryan; and finally, there was one conversation last night that made the entire trip worthwhile (if only I could remember more of it).

Christ, this is starting to read like a yearbook. Anyway, moving on: there needs to be another impromptu conference between SXSWis or four, so that we can rub elbows more frequently. Because honestly, another 364 shopping days is a little too long to wait to see such good friends.

That’s right, folks—melancholy is sexy. This is why I get all the ladies.


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