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Four things

Oh, that wacky Eric. With the memes, the blogging, and the hey-hey.

To wit, then:

Four jobs I’ve had:
  1. Soda jerk
  2. Church organist
  3. Writing tutor
  4. House painter
Four movies I can watch over and over:
  1. Psycho (If you’re thinking of Gus van Sant’s cinematic crap-fest right now, you might need to be kicked. Hard.)
  2. Ghost in the Shell
  3. Zatóichi monogatari
  4. Spirited Away
Four places I’ve lived:
  1. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  2. Montclair, New Jersey
  3. Middlebury, Vermont
  4. Northeastern Vermont

And yes, I need to get out of the Northeast.

Four TV shows I love:
  1. Samurai Champloo
  2. House
  3. Cracker (Not the Robert Pastorelli-enabled crap version, mind you—the frighteningly good one. Like you had to ask.)
  4. Venture Bros.
Four places I’ve vacationed:
  1. San Francisco, California
  2. London, England
  3. Paris, France
  4. Florida
Four of my favorite dishes:
  1. Unagi donburi
  2. Yu siang chicken
  3. Shepherd’s pie
  4. A pint of good beer

Oh, shush—you and I both know the last one counts. Moving on.

Four sites I visit daily:
  1. Ain’t It Cool News
  2. World of Warcraft Forums (Shut up, I know. Believe me, I know.)
  4., which floors me with its frequent updates and pithy, topical commentary.
Four places I would rather be right now:
  1. San Francisco, California
  2. London, England
  3. Diesel Cafe
  4. Downstairs on the couch
Four bloggers I am tagging:
  1. She
  2. Metrokitty
  3. Dan Benjamin
  4. Dan Cederholm


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