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My First Article: A Matter of Styles

Just to warn you: I haven’t written anything longer than a thousand words since my undergraduate thesis. And yes, that means you should be very afraid.

My first online article, entitled A Matter Of Styles, has just gone live at Digital Web. It’s not without its flaws, but it takes a stab at proposing solutions to an issue I think we’ll all be facing soon enough: namely, how to get CSS developers/designers — largely a self-educated lot — working together successfully in team coding environments. Revolutionary? Definitely not — this little article doesn’t detail The Next Cool CSS Trick Coming Soon To Every Blog You Read™. Instead, it attempts to tackle a problem that’s interested me for some time, a problem for which there are myriad other solutions. So, I’d love to hear how others have approached team development issues: kindly take the article (and its author) to task in the comments. Grazie mille.

Many thanks go to Nick, Krista, Keith and the rest of the Digital Web team for approaching me about the article. And most importantly, it would never have gotten past the first hackneyed scribblings were it not for the invaluable feedback of these fine people and friends:

I owe each of them many beers for their assistance in writing my little magnum snorus. And should you reach the end without falling asleep at your keyboard, you should consider yourself beer-worthy as well.


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