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Moment of weakness

As I’m still sans graphics editor, a brief SXSW gush. I can’t believe the number of folks I’ve met that I’ve silently referred to with a definite article: The Eric, The Dave, The Doug, The Ian, The Dan, The Molly, The Tantek, The Matt, and so on.

Well, that was a nauseating bit of name-dropping.

But it’s not just that I’m a star-struck web rookie. I mean, the hands I’ve shaken in the past day reminds me just what an incredible year it’s been, and just how damn lucky I am — I’d say "blessed", but that doesn’t really jive with the whole atheist gestalt I’ve got going on. But in this context or any other, to put a face to the URL I’ve been inspired by for so very long? A fine thing.

Much finer than, say, this "freshly brewed Texas coffee" I just purchased, in which "Texas" is apparently slang for "crap."


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