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Back in the posting saddle

It’s always struck me as damned ironic that the things we love the most are often those for which we make the least time. Still, there are few things better than returning to a project long abandoned, and long missed.

For the past two months or so, I’ve been neglecting sidesh0w (and some other fun projects) in the interest of, well, paying the rent. As much as I love being billable, one only has to look at my craptastic less-than-prolific posting schedule in December and January to see that my energies were being spent elsewhere. Happily so, in many cases…but a post on sidesh0w saves nine, or some shit like that.

So you probably came for the funny, or the "lit-student-cum-web-designer" navel-gazing. I forget which it is we do here. Hopefully, over the coming days and weeks, I’ll remember as I get back to writing more regularly.

Fun stuff’s in the works for the next month or so. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

There’s a WordPress issue that’s currently preventing old comments from displaying correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully we’ll be back online soon.