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Late-night housekeeping

It’s been a quiet evening.

I’ve spent most of the past few hours reorganizing my home office (read: “desk”), getting the two servers up and running on my new wireless router — in short, cleaning up the hovel that is my apartment. The rationale for killing my Saturday night with housekeeping was to get ready for the addition of a new computer to my home hardware junket. Not sure how successful I was; the teeming mass of wires behind my desk proved a bit more formidable than I’d initially thought.

In other (more interesting) news, the Mozilla bug that was breaking some background-image replacement techniques seems to have been fixed yesterday; sadly, though, there aren’t any official Windows nightlies available. So hopefully once the new builds are out, this site will stop looking like a decapitated daisy, and other excellent sites that use these CSS techniques will be usable yet again.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

There’s a WordPress issue that’s currently preventing old comments from displaying correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully we’ll be back online soon.