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An image of an Apple Powerbook

Okay, well that’s certainly enough of that.

I took the plunge, and have ordered my very first piece of Apple hardware — a 15-inch PowerBook, replete with 80GB hard drive, 20GB iPod, and (most importantly) enough sauce to shock Emeril Lagasse into speechlessness.

Okay, that little turn-of-phrase sucked.

So at any rate, while my new purchase has earned me the right to eat nothing but macaroni and cheese for the next three months, I’m highly excited. It’ll be nice to actually test the pages I build on a real, live Mac, and to learn a little Linux on the side. But most importantly, I’m ecstatic that I’ll be able to walk down to my favorite coffee house on a Saturday morning, order a cup or three of the house blend, and work throughout the day as Cambridge passes by in the street below.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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