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DMXZone gets its Zen on

Continuing a discussion set by its discussions with the likes of Zeldman and Eric Meyer, DMXZone serves up an excellent interview with Dave Shea, who muses on the successes of the CSS Zen Garden, its ability to demonstrate the power of removing presentation from content, and the next steps for web standards:

XHTML and CSS is a combination that no amateur should be forced to learn. 1996-era HTML was okay for them because a simple document consisted of a few presentational tags, and that was it — none of this abstract "separation of presentation from content" nonsense. Most amateurs never get beyond the single-letter tags, and we shouldn’t expect them to.

But as the web moves toward XML and the aforementioned abstraction, the barrier for entry is unquestionably raised. CSS is vital for the future, but picture your less-than-computer-literate family members trying to wrap their minds around inheritance and the box model. Yeah, right.

Apparently, he’s also given to donning some wack kabuki threads from time to time, but we still think he rocks quite a bit.


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