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Weblog entry:

Jersey, represent.

Had an excellent week offline, even though the weather was less than optimal. Most days I’d stand on the porch of the beach house, and stare into a white wall of fog. Not exactly beach-centric weather, but ideal for hunkering down and getting some reading done.

And Gamecube. Lots of Gamecube.

Anyway, quite a bit seems to have happened in the past week. My team here at Harvard has moved into new digs; I’m currently looking out over a spectacular view of Cambridge at the moment, down onto some rooftops that seem to have bowed slightly under years of rainfall. I’ve just gotten my workstation back up, and unpacked most of my books. Here’s to good office karma.

What happened elsewhere while I was away? Well, lessee:

The end. Gotta go wade through a few hundred e-mails, and wade through my RSS subscriptions. Hope your weeks treated you well; it’s great to be back.


Hooray, technical difficulties.

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