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Mozilla Foundation?

Getting the WTF award of the day:, the organization that coordinates Mozilla open source development, today announced the launch of a new foundation that will continue to promote the development, distribution and adoption of the award-winning Mozilla standards-based web applications and core technologies, including the Gecko browser layout engine. The Mozilla Foundation will continue and expand on the efforts of, the group managing the daily operations of the Mozilla project since its inception.

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To help launch the new organization, America Online has pledged $2 million in cash to the Mozilla Foundation over the next two years. AOL will also contribute additional resources through equipment, domain names and trademarks, and related intellectual property, as well as providing some transitional assistance for key personnel as they move into the new organization. press release: Launch of the Mozilla Foundation

I’m having a really tough time telling if this is a good thing. While on the one hand, it’s excellent to see that the Mozilla project’s effectively gaining its independence — congratulations to all the lizard wranglers for this, if that’s the case. But on the other hand, given AOL’s recent settlement with Microsoft, it’s tempting to see this as AOL ridding itself of a once-useful barganing chip. I really don’t know; I guess we’ll have to see how far AOL’s corporate umbrella extends over our poor, dear lizard in the months and years to come.

Update: Well. Here’s the update — or perhaps I should say the bitch-slap. Netscape is dead — long live (hopefully) the Mozilla Foundation.


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