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More browser wars…?

Peter-Paul Koch has written an excellent (albeit lengthy1) state of the browser union:

Fine, so we want to tell the Microsoft is Evil story once again for all the usual reasons. Right now, though, we’re telling it in anger and bewilderment, endlessly babbling about web standards and shaking our fists at people in general just because it makes us feel good, not for any strategical purpose. That’s ineffective.

Instead, we should take all the browser stories and merge them into one big, moving epic contained in a template our audience will easily understand. We should create effective propaganda or shut up.

Peter-Paul Koch, Browser Wars II: The Saga Continues

1 I used to have a teacher who’d always say that a paper wasn’t good because it’s long — rather, it’s long because it’s good. Or something like that. She was nuts, but at least that made sense.


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