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If not before.

Back from Vermont. I was hoping to post more tonight, but She has offered to take yours truly out for a birthday dinner — either Korean barbeque or sushi. As I can never say no to a fine woman offering to take me out for fine Asian cuisine, I’ll have to update you all on the weekend tomorrow. Suffice it to say that it was a joyous and happy one, with excellent weather, friends, and family. And thanks to all of you who e-mailed — wish you could have been there, too.

Until tomorrow, here’s some food for thought. (via Simon Willison’s weblog)

Update: Best birthday present ever: I’ve somehow made it onto Zeldman’s externals list, and The Rogue Librarian is sending tons of traffic my way — truckloads of thanks (and, once again, congratulations) to both of them. As soon as I start breathing again, I’ll let you know…

Dammit, I’m such a star-struck little weenie.


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