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Tuesday != Fun.

Opera 7 beta 1 for Windows suddenly appeared on Opera’s FTP server — download it, and get your banner ads on.

I’ve been mucking about (that one was for the 317 crew) with Illustrator lately…let me say that all of you designer-type folks can keep it. Honestly, Beziér curves only make sense to me in this context…and then, only barely. Can anyone point me toward any good Illustrator tutorials? I’m about ready to get my uninstall on…

A link courtesy of the great M — as he says, you’ve got to love it when the source looks the same as the client-side. Get your <PRE> on…

Spent the weekend up in Vermont with a number of fellow expatriates from the alma mater. My fine friend Reid was gracious enough to host at his family’s farm, which has a breathtaking view and more woodland trails than you can shake a diploma at (at which you can shake a — ah, forget it). Honestly, I’d swear Vermont’s little patch of ozone has been obliterated, ‘cause the weather hovered in the mid-50’s the whole time. Which of course led to much merriment, beering, and snowball tossing. Something oddly — yet comfortably — nostalgic about the whole event, as though we’d all decided to gloss over that whole matriculation thing, and get together for a weekend. Thankfully, comps won’t be recurring for this little coder any time soon.

For those of us who desperately want for publication, here’s the shortcut. Supplies are limited


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